Devon and CornwallPolice Federation

Police Cuts - Our Response

bullet point    Sample Letter To Your MP
bullet point    PNB registers failure to agree on police pay proposals
bullet point    Ian Rennie - Statement to the PNB Full Board
bullet point    Independent Review of Remunerations & Conditions - Call for Evidence
bullet point    Neyroud Response
bullet point    Open letter sent to Sir Hugh Orde, President of ACPO, as directed by the Emergency Motion supported at PFEW Annual Conference
bullet point    Pay Review - Part 2 - Timing
bullet point    Details from Policing Debate in the House Of Commons
bullet point    Federation response to Winsor Review Part 1, 8 March 2011
bullet point    Superintendents' Association Response to Winsor Review Part 1 8 March 2011
bullet point    Association of Chief Police Officers Response to Winsor Review Part 1 8 March 2011
bullet point    Unison Initial Response
bullet point    Summary of Winsor Review
bullet point    Message from Tom Winsor
bullet point    The Winsor Report - Recommendations
bullet point    The Winsor Report